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Here, you are going to know about 6 things that you can do to earn money online.

=> Content Writing

This always remains my favourite, I have been writing something or the else for the last 8 years. Majorly;

  • Business plan.
  • Sales plan.
  • Marketing Plan.
  • Blog.
  • Articles.
  • Newsletters.
  • Stories

=> Quora

There are 2 ways you can make money from Quora.

  1. Quora Partner Program: This is a program by quora, where all you need to do is have a quora account and ask questions. Quora pays you money for the engagements that you bring to quora through your questions. Quora…

For decades, flatbreads have been consumed in the Mediterranean. The word “pizza” is clearly linked to the word “pita,” and it was popular in the Mediterranean. It was used interchangeably with focaccia and schiacciata by Italians.That isn’t to say it wasn’t discussed in southern Italy and Sicily much earlier. Water buffalo were introduced to Sicily at some stage, most likely by the Arabs in the 8th or 9th centuries. They were brought in for labour, and their milk was only used as a replacement for cow or goat milk by the poorest peasants.

Scappi mentioned a pizza napoletana, a sweet…


Who Invented Pizza

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